National Theatre among the Best

The high position of the National Theatre in the ranking by the monthly TEATR– „Best of the Best in the 2013/2014 season”

The editors of the monthly “Teatr” have invited theatre critics to take part in an annual survey “Best of the Best in the 2013/2014 season”.

Productions and directors have been chosen and judged by Jolanta Kowalska (, a permanent collaborator of “Teatr”), Aneta Kyzioł (“Polityka”), Małgorzata Piekutowa (a collaborator of “Teatr” i, Temida Stankiewicz-Podhorecka (“Nasz Dziennik”), Kalina Zalewska (“Teatr”), Jacek Cieślak (“Teatr”“Rzeczpospolita”), Łukasz Drewniak (, Jacek Kopciński (“Teatr”), Marcin Kościelniak (“Didaskalia”), Wojciech Majcherek (TVP Kultura), Zbigniew Majchrowski (, Witold Mrozek (“Gazeta Wyborcza”), Jacek Sieradzki (“Dialog”), Paweł Soszyński (, Szymon Spichalski (vortal “Teatr dla Was”), Jacek Wakar (Polish Radio).

The title of “Best Theatre” has been awarded to the National Theatre by Kalina Zalewska, Jacek Cieślak, Łukasz Drewniak, Jacek Kopciński i Jacek Wakar.

Kalina Zalewska, Jacek Cieślak and Jacek Kopciński have singled out Friedrich Schiller’s The Robbers directed by Michała Zadara as the “Best Play”, whereas Jacek Wakar has selected Vladimir’s Sorokin Ice directed by Konstantin Bogomolov.

A Proof of the Other’s Existence, a drama by Maciej Wojtyszko, of which the first preview performance took place on the National Theatre’s stage, has been named the “Best New Polish Play (Published or Staged)” by Kalina Zalewska, Wojciech Majcherek and Jacek Sieradzki.

Jacek Cieślak has chosen The Robbers as the best stage adaptation.

The “Best Director” title has been awarded by Jacek Cieślak to Piotr Cieplak for his direction of SIlence about Job. Jolanta Kowalska and Kalina Zalewska have given this title to Michał Zadara for his The Robbers. Jacek Kopciński has also selected Michał Zadara as the winner of this category, however, for directing both The Robbers and Forefathers’ Eve, Parts I, II and IV staged at the Polski Theatre in Wrocław.

The best scenic designer according to Jolanta Kowalska and Wojciech Majcherek is Robert Rumas, the creator of the stage design for The Robbers. Kalina Zalewska and Marcin Kościelniak have also granted this title to Robert Rumas for the stage design of both The Robbers and Forefathers’ Eve, Parts I, II and IV.

In the “Best Music” category, Jacek Wakar has chosen Paweł Czepułkowski and Michał Litwiniec, the composers of the score for Silence about Job.

The “Best Actress in a Play” title has been awarded by Aneta Kyzioł to Danuta Stenka who performed in Ice. Kalina Zalewska, Piotr Cieślak, Łukasz Drewniak, Jacek Kopciński and Jacek Wakar have recognised Danuta Stenka’s performance in Ice as well as in The Second Woman directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna at TR Warszawa. According to Jacek Kopciński, the best actress is Wiktoria Gorodeckaja who played the role of Amalia Edelreich in The Robbers. Kalina Zalewska has also singled out her performance in Ice. She also singled out Anna Seniuk who played Leviva in Hanoch Levin’s The Labor of Life, a television play directed by Jan Englert. In the “Best Actress” category, Temida Stankiewicz-Podhorecka has selected Ewa Konstancja Bułhak for the title role in Jan Brzechwa’s Adventures of a Cheating Flea directed by Anna Seniuk with the music composed by Maciej Małecki.

The title of “Best Actor in a Play” has been awarded by Aneta Kyzioł, Łukasz Drewniak and Wojciech Majcherek to Jan Englert for his role of Witold Gombrowicz in A Proof of the Other’s Existence. Kalina Zalewska has singled out both Englert’s performance and Janusz Gajos for his portrayal of Jonah Popoch in the television play The Labor of Life. Temida Stankiewicz-Podhorecka has given the title of the best actor to Cezary Kosiński who played Sławomir Mrożek in A Proof of the Other’s Existence, while Jacek Kopciński – to Przemysław Stippa for the role of Franz Moor in The Robbers.

The “Best Supporting Role” title has been awarded by Łukasz Drewniak to Monika Dryl for the portrayal of Maria Paczowska in A Proof of the Other’s Existence and her performance in Silence about Job. Beata Ścibakówna has been chosen as the winner of this category by Temida Stankiewicz-Podhorecka in recognition of her role of Mae (Sister Woman) in Tennessee Williams’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof directed by Grzegorz Chrapkiewicz.

The following actors of the National Theatre have been selected as the winners of the “Best Debut” title: Marcin Hycnar for his directorial debut in Hanoch’s Levin play Ya'akobi & Leidental at the Powszechny Theatre in Warsaw, and Paulina Szostak with Karol Dziuba as the members of the acting team in Sketches from Dostoyevsky staged by Maja Komorowska at the National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw.

Sławomir Mrożek’s Love in the Crimea, under the theatrical direction of Jerzy Jarocki as well as television direction of Jan Englert, has been chosen as the “Best Television Play and/or Polish Radio Drama” by Temida Stankiewicz-Podhorecka and Jacek Kopciński. Kalina Zalewska has also chosen Love in the Crimea along with The Labor of Love.

Jacek Cieślak has chosen Ice as the “Best Fringe Theatre Play”.

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