Studio Theatre

The stage (size: 9.5 m by 9 m; height 7,5 m) is a recording studio adapted for staging performances with backstage serving previously as a studio store-room. It is located on the third floor. The stage and the auditorium are on the same level of the uniform space. The auditorium is arranged in tiers forming seven rows with the total of 84 seats. the first row is on the floor level and the last one 2 meters above. This arrangement is fixed. There are 10 heavy-weight lifts, each of which can carry 150 kg and move up to 7,4 m at 0.1 m/second.

The sound system consists of: 4 loudspeakers (left-side, right-side, top mono, rear mono) with 2 optional audio monitoring devices; a mixing console (SOUND CRAFT SPIRIT LX7, 16 mono imputs, 4 groups, mono channel, stereo channel); 2 Mini Disc devices (MDS-JE500); a CD player (Maratz);  10 wireless microphones (AKG SR300, hand-held or headset) and a digital signal processor (DigiTech STUDIO Quad V2).

The lighting equipment of 21 spotlights may be extended if necessary.

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